before i let you go

Thursday, October 22, 2009

as always, a song to fit my mood. this is freestyle's first song, and it was a huge hit. the song's called "before i let you go"

I can still remember like yesterday
We were so in love in a special way
And knowing that your love
will make me feel oh so right
But now I feel lost,
don't know what to do
Each and every day I think of you
Holdin' back the tears,
I'm trying with all my might
Because you've gone and left me standing
All alone
And I know I've got to face tomorrow
On my own
But baby....
Before I let you go
I want to say I love you
I hope that you're listenin'
'Coz it's true,baby
You'll be forever in my heart
And I know that no one else will do,
yeah So before I let you goI want to say
.....I love you
I wish that it could be just like before
I know I could've given you so much more
Even though you know
I'd given you all my love
I miss your smile,
I miss your kiss
Each and every day I reminisce
'Coz baby it's you
That I'm always dreaming of...
Repeat Refrain
Repeat Chorus (except last 3 words)
Coz Letting love go is never easy
But I love you so
That's why I set you free
And I know
Somehow I'll find a way
To leave it all behind me
Guess it wasn't meant to be
But baby.........
Repeat chorus (except last 3 words)
So before I let you go
I want to say.......
I love you .