80/20 Rule

Saturday, October 25, 2008

so for the past few months i've been following updates on the web on this Taiwan based actor named Wu Chun (you should know him by now, i've posted his pics several times already) and recently he updated his blog in Fahrenciti by posting about the 80/20 Rule. he got it from this blog http://akssara.blogspot.com/. here is what it says:

80/20 Rule

Interesting quote from the movie "Why did I get Married?"

In most cases, especially in relationships, you
will only get 80% of what you NEED and you will
hardly get the other 20% of what you WANT in your
relationship. There is always another person (man or women)
that you will meet and that will offer
you the other 20% which is lacking in your
relationship that you WANT. And believe me, 20%
looks really good when you are not getting it at
all in your current relationship.

But the problem is that you will always be
tempted to leave that good 80% that you know you
have, thinking that you will get something better
with the other 20% that you WANT.

But as the reality has proven, in most cases, you
will always end up with having the 20% that you
WANT and loosing the 80% that you really need and
that you already had.

Be careful in deciding between what you WANT and
NEED in your life.

Adultery happens when you start looking for what
you don't have. "Wow, this girl in my office is a
real looker. But it's not her Winona Ryder
features that got me. I'm crazy about her because
she's also understanding, intelligent, tender -
so many things that my spouse is not."

Somewhere along the way, you'll find a woman or a
man who will be more charming or sensitive. More
alluring. More thoughtful. Richer. Have greater
appeal. And you will find a woman or man who will
need you and pursue you and go loco over you more
than your spouse ever did.

Because no wife or hisband is perfect. Because a
spouse will only have 80% of what you're looking
for. So adultery takes place when a husband or
wife looks for the missing 20%. Let's say your
wife is melancholic by nature.

You may find yourself drawn to the pretty clerk
who has a cheery laugh no matter what she says:
"I broke my arm yesterday, hahaha..."

Or because your wife is a homebody in slippers
and pajamas, smelling of garlic and fish oil, you
may fall for a fresh smelling young sales
representative that visits your office in a sharp
black blazer, high heels, and a red pencil cut
skirt, or because your husband is the quiet
type, your heart may skip a beat when you meet an
old college flame who has the makings of a talk
show host.

But wait! That's only 20% of what you don't have !

Don't throw away the 80% that you already have!

That's not all. Add to your spouse's 80% the 100%
that represents all the years that you have been
with each other. The storms you have weathered
together. The unforgettable moments of sadness
and joy as a couple. The many adjustments you
have made to love the other. The wealth of
memories that you've accumulated as lovers.

Adultery happens when you start lookign for what
you don't have.

But faithfulness happens when you start thanking
God for what you already have.
But I'm not just talking about marriage.

I'm talking about life!

About your jobs.
About your friends.
About your children.
About your lifestyles.

Are you like the economy airline passenger that
perennially peeks through the door of the first
class cabin, obssessed with what he's missing?
"They have got more leg room! Oh my, their food
is served in porcelein! Wow, their seats recline
at an 80 degree angle and they've got personal videos!"

I guarantee you'll be miserable for the entire
trip! Don't live your life like that. Forget
about what the world says is first class. Do you
know there are many first class passengers
who are miserable in first class --- because they
are not riding in a private Lear Jet?

The main message???

If you start appreciating what you have right
now, wherever you are, you are first class!


Do not look back and ask why,
look forward and ask why not?

HOT! more fangirlishness!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

thought i'd just share a few pics of Wu Chun, super HOT member of Taiwan based boy band Fahrenheit. as the title suggests, he's hot! enjoy!!!

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Finished reading Twilight

I finished reading Twilight about 2-3 days ago, and i must admit, i LOVE it!!!! maybe not the same kind of love that i have for the HP series, but love all the same! there is something about this book, something that makes you not want to put it down and read it until the last page.

now i'm looking for ways to get the 2nd book, New Moon, although i must admit it will be kinda hard, what with me being jobless and having no money and all... but...i must read all the books!!!

we'll see what happens...i've read a few reviews saying 2 out of the 4 books are really good, and the other 2? well, not so much. but i'll reserve my own opinion AFTER i've read them all.

finished reading all 4 books. all i can say is, it's fine, nut it's no HP, if you know what i mean. its ok, engrossing even, i finished the last 3 books in less that a week! but i enjoyed reading twilight more that all the 4 books. so there...


Sunday, October 5, 2008

lately i've been hearing about this book called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and i have to admit i'm intrigued. intrigued, because my younger sister, who doesn't really like reading books unless i convince her its good, was practically asking me almost every week if i've read it already. my answer was always the same, "NO". not because i don't have the time, God only knows i have lots of it, but rather, i don't have the money to buy it or i don't know anybody (my friends, at least) who have it. so, after several weeks of wondering what its about, i finally summoned enough energy to google the book. here's a synopsis that i got from wikipedia:

Isabella "Bella" Swan moves from sunny Phoenix, Arizona to rainy Forks, Washington to live with her father, Charlie. She chooses to do this so that her mother, Renée, can travel with her new husband, Phil Dwyer, who is a minor league baseball player. In Phoenix she was a bit of an outcast, so it surprises her that she attracts much attention at her new school and is quickly befriended by several students. Much to her dismay, several boys in the school, namely Mike Newton and Eric Yorkie, compete for shy Bella's attention.
When Bella sits next to
Edward Cullen in class on her first day of school, Edward seems utterly repulsed by her. He even attempts to change his schedule to avoid her, leaving Bella completely puzzled about his attitude towards her. After tricking a family friend, Jacob Black of the Quileute tribe, into telling her the local tribal legends, Bella concludes that Edward and his family are vampires. Although she was inexplicably attracted to him even when she thought Edward drank human blood, she is much relieved to learn that the Cullens choose to abstain from drinking human blood, and drink animal blood instead. Over time, Edward and Bella fall in love. Their foremost problem is that to Edward, Bella's scent is a hundred times more potent than any other human's, making Edward struggle to resist his desire to kill her. However, despite this, Edward and Bella manage to stay together safely for a time.
The seemingly perfect state of their relationship is thrown into chaos when another vampire coven sweeps into Forks and
James, a tracker vampire, decides that he wants to hunt Bella for sport. The Cullens plan to distract the tracker by splitting up Bella and Edward, and Bella is sent to hide in a hotel in Phoenix. Bella then gets a phone call from James in which he says that he has her mother, and Bella is forced to give herself up to James at her old dance studio, where he attacks her. Edward, along with the rest of the Cullen family, rescue Bella before James can kill her. Once they realize that James had bitten Bella's hand, Edward sucks the venom out of her system before it can spread and change her into a vampire. Upon returning to Forks, Bella and Edward attend their prom and Bella expresses her desire to become a vampire, which Edward refuses to let happen.

***apparently there are 3 other books after this. the 2nd is new moon, 3rd is eclipse, & the last is breaking dawn. i read the synopsis for all 4 books, but somehow i just can't find the energy to save up for it. i just don't feel the same way i did, say, when i read the harry potter series. but who knows? maybe when i finally get a copy, i won't be able to put it down and even fall in love with it like countless others. well, i guess we'll just have to find out.
credits to wikipedia for the synopsis/picture

the numerology of names by amanda coggin

Thursday, October 2, 2008

i found this interseting article on the Yahoo webpage about the numerology of your name and what it means. i tried it and here's the result.

my destiny number is: 1
apparently, i am "determined, autonomous and self reliant".
there is also a much more thorough explanation regarding my destiny number, and it says:

"A destiny number of 1 indicates that you are destined to a position of leadership. You can live up to this destiny by using your ability to think and act for yourself. By relying on your determination, independence and strength you will be able to make your own path in the world. You shouldn't be afraid to stray from the safe path and try new things or new methods of approaching problems. If you rely on your creativity and strength of character you can have success in new endeavors while leading others to follow you there. "

hmm...i don't really like being a leader, im more of a follower. i would like to be more determined, autonomous and self reliant, though. (hence the reason why im looking for a job abroad even without somebody i know to go with) the last two sentences kind of hit the spot though, so maybe it's about 50% right at the moment. we'll see if the other 50% falls into place in the future.

if you want to try this out, here's how you do it:

How Numerology Works:
When working with a name, numbers have corresponding letters. The numbers are added up and broken down into single digits in order to give you your final Destiny Number.

The Number Assignments
1= A, J, S
2= B, K, T
3= C, L, U
4= D, M, V
5= E, N, W
6= F, O, X
7= G, P, Y
8= H, Q, Z
9= I, R

How to Find Your Destiny Number:

1. Write down your full name (first, middle, and last). This is the name you were given at birth—not your married name, etc.
2. Using the table above, write down the number matched to each letter in each name (i.e. AMANDA = 1, 4, 1, 5, 4, 1).
3.Add the numbers together for each name (i.e. 1+4+1+5+4+1= 16).
4. You will most likely get a double digit for each name; break down each double digit number you get by adding the first and second digit to get one number (i.e. from the 16 above, add together 1+6 to get 7, which is the number for Amanda).
5. Add up the final numbers you get from each name (i.e. my middle name number is 8 and my last name number is 10, so 7+8+10 = 25).
6. Once again, break down any double-digit numbers into one digit to get your final Destiny Number (i.e. from the 25 above, add together 2+5 to get 7, which is my final Destiny Number).

In numerology, the basic vibrations are numbers 1 through 9, but the numbers 11 and 22 are master numbers and should not be reduced to a single digit since these are master vibrations.

There are plenty of books and Web sites that will give you a thorough analysis of your Destiny Number, but here’s a basic rundown on what your Destiny Number means for you:

1 is determined, autonomous, and self-reliant
2 is loyal, tactful, and analytical
3 is passionate, positive, and fun-loving
4 is sensible, traditional, and serious
5 is bold, temperamental, and sensual
6 is responsible, cautious, and domestic
7 is spiritual, unconventional, and somewhat reclusive
8 is money-oriented, assured, and authoritative
9 is versatile, compassionate, and worldly
11 is enlightened, deep, and high-strung
22 is ambitious, a global planner, and motivated

you can find more on the explanation for your number via this link: