Wednesday, July 8, 2009

stay away from me

dont you know that your smile affects me like
the impact of a meteor falling into earth at high speed?

that your every glance makes my heart roar like a
train speeding towards its destination?

that your niceness makes me want to weep with
the injustice of it all,
that you found her,
instead of me.

that i realized i like you,
no, that i love you,
when its all about to end.

stay away from me,
if you have a care for me at all.

if you dont want my heart shattering
into a thousand tiny pieces like porcelain,
never to be mended again.

stay away from me

for my peace of mind,
in hopes that someday, somehow,
ill find someone like you again

someone who is meant for me to find
like the way you found her,
the way you loved her.


yhel said...

hai nakoo.. wag mo palayuin, pinapahirapan mo lang sarili mo eh.. tsk.. adik YOU!! :))

yhel said...

say it! just say it! un lang un! gawin mo ung sinabi ko. hahaha.. pag ndi effective, magreresign na ko sa pagiging Ms. Joe.. hahaha